6 Ways to Get a Millionaire to Love You

6 Ways to Get a Millionaire to Love You

Have you ever felt the terrible feeling of unrequited love? Maybe you’ve crushed on a celebrity before and felt depressed when you realized you will probably never even meet them!

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Or if you did meet them, perhaps at a comic convention, and you finally got to speak to them one on one!  But then…nothing happens. It was awkward and you felt awkward and it just didn’t go as well as you had hoped.

You’re not alone! A lot of people dream of meeting their celebrity crush or a billionaire or millionaire they respect. Once they get that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, they don’t really know what to say.

What do you say to someone with so much money and power?

Not to worry. In this date a millionaire article, we’re going to show you how to seduce, bedazzle, and make an impression on a very rich person – just like the one in your dreams!

1. Be Independent

No, millionaire partners do NOT want a moocher, or a live-in roommate who spends all their money. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you can find a rich partner on charm alone. You do have to show yourself as independent, willing to pay your own way, and take PRIDE in your own life and skills. Be proud of yourself and that’s the confidence that gets you noticed.

2. Be Successful

It’s not just about independence in this case, but about achieving a state of inner contentment. Remember, a millionaire can sense this about you, whether you’re happy and self-confident, or if you’re faking it. It’s not just a question of money, but more about your inner peace and the joy you have in life. Is your positivity contagious? Do you make others happy just by entering the room? That’s the kind of success that magnetically attracts a rich person.

3. Be the Best Lover They Ever Had

Let’s be honest, you really have to know how to flirt, how to seduce, and how to deliver when the relationship gets physical. Millionaires tend to be men and women of temptation. They want an intense emotional connection, and fantasy fulfillment. It’s not just a chore, it’s not just a means to an end. You want to get them addicted to you, and this act of physically bonding. Read up on it, learn their fantasies, and deliver!

4. Be Family-Centered

Rich people want families, and if you want a serious relationship, show them you’re not just a party type person. You’re also strong of character, sound of mind, and want children. You are a good parent, and a dedicated mate who will give them all the attention they need. You can not only raise the children but manage the house and even work as their unofficial career advisor – someone who wants them to be happy!

5. Find Things in Common

It’s not always about opposites attract. Sometimes it’s about shared values and that can be discovered by finding things in common that you have, or even viewpoints that you both can agree on. It’s easier to bond when you share things emotionally, and logically. That might include memories, religious associations, politics viewpoints, or even hobbies.

It’s also smart to forge common bonds, whether it’s adopting a pet together, creating cute nicknames, or even naming a restaurant your “favorite spot.” Growing together as a couple reminds this person that you’re falling in love and experiencing life as a couple.

6. Don’t Be Greedy

This is not just in reference to money, but also possessiveness. When it comes to getting a rich person to commit, you always have to let THEM lead. If you come on too strong, or force them to feel affection for you, you doom the relationship before it even has a chance to sizzle.

Instead, play a little hard to get. Be this person’s dream date, but DON’T be clingy and don’t try to turn them into your boyfriend/girlfriend. The idea has to come from the millionaire. He has to feel that you are worth the time, money, and emotional investment. He has to risk something and see your value as a friend, lover, and life partner.

Use a Dating App to Narrow Your Search

You’ve got to stop dating people for their potential, and instead, start dating people for their good qualities. Too many people are left disappointed when they realize they were waiting for their partner to mature, or man up, or turn into a beautiful swan, so to speak.

Instead, raise your standards now. If you want someone who’s successful, dedicated, hard-working and family-focused then start looking for those qualities in advance. Using a niche search app, such as an interracial dating app, you can narrow your matches down by income class, or even go with a number, such as one million or 250K a year.

Dating with a strategy gets rid of all the bad dating experiences, and the “almost” relationships, and fast-tracks you to the most compatible matches that stay together! You can achieve anything if you try, and that includes finding a rich partner to take care of you!

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