How To Meet A Billionaire

How To Meet A Billionaire

Meeting a millionaire could be easy but a billionaire is someone who you cannot just find randomly. They are usually very famous people or are movie stars and celebrities. Generally having a very busy schedule they do not interact with people a lot very often. Their life is very much private and they do not socialize casually or publicly.


However, this does not kill the chances of you to find one. If you follow up with their lifestyle and observe them, you might be able to meet one.
Initially, you should know your game. By which I mean is that you should know where you stand in the social structure, as it will become easier for you to then do the efforts. A very famous English quote is that “You sit among beautiful people and you become beautiful”. This implies here very easily.

There are two things. Firstly, the environment you move around. If you scale up the environment, you socialize in. Which means that if you sit among rich people your chances are increased. The logic here is very simple; people like to interact with people who are similar to them.
You should go to private events and play an important role in the event so that you get to know people. As people like these donate to charities a lot, you should also attend big charity events. The message here is that you play a role where your personality is highlighted so that they tend to remember you or you could introduce yourselves easily.

The second thing is to have rich friends who can introduce you to people like these. This helps you a lot, as this allows you to boost up your own self-esteem and increases the respect the other person has for you.
With all of this, you should also have a charming personality.

Billionaires have generally seen many people as most of them engage with large audience; therefore, you should have a personality that leaves an impact upon them.

Which brings me to my point of honesty. This is a very basic part of your ethics but plays a vital role here Due to lack of casual socializing they are always in need for someone who they can trust. Thus, if you maintain this aspect of your character you could easily have a Billionaire Date. So always, be honest and be true to your emotions.

Maintain space. This is another aspect of the so-called process of Billionaire dating. This could be diversified into two. One being that it is not usual for them to interact with many people on personal. In addition, the second that these people are not used to the lifestyle of a common person. Which means that they might not understand you at all times. So, give them some privacy and help them out to understand how things happen at a very basic level.

With all these stated above and some natural instincts, you could date a billionaire easily.

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