Top 6 Billionaire Dating Sites to find the Man of your Dreams

Top 6 Billionaire Dating Sites to find the Man of your Dreams

Meeting a billionaire may sound like an impossible task because successful people are very hard-working and don’t have so much leisure time. They have a tight schedule, a hectic lifestyle, and very little chance that they can go around on dates and get to know the other person well. However, no matter how wealthy they are, they will always have the urge to find a partner that suits their taste and eases their worries. Billionaire men admirers who understand these social elites’ status quo have always been on the lookout for a platform that leads them to perfect billionaire matches.

Site Reviews Ratings Official website
Millionaire Match 5.0/5.0 Join Free
Seeking Billionaire 4.5/5.0 Join Free
Elite Singles 4.0/5.0 Join Free
SugarDaddyMeet 3.5/5.0 Join Free
Luxy 3.0/5.0 Join Free
WealthyMen 3.0/5.0 Join Free

Irrespective of whether you are a man, who owns a large corporation or a young beautiful woman, looking for someone whom you can love and share time with is something you will always seek. There are certain websites and applications that can help you find handsome and wealthy billionaires with whom you can share time and hopefully find your potential soul mate.

Why do billionaires prefer dating sites?

The billionaire dating websites are tailored to match billionaires and women seeking to be a part of their lifestyle. While life does get busier around wealthy men but women seem to be getting more conscious about dating. However, men do have limited time for traditional dating, so billionaire dating websites are often the go-to choice for them.

No matter how busy the millionaire singles are, they still look for a girlfriend to share time with, if not to marry her. After all, life is way too short not to be enjoyed. As the stock of dating apps and websites has risen, billionaires have begun to switch over to dating sites because they simply don’t have time for traditional dating. However, identifying reliable and secure dating sites is not a walk in the park.

Here is a carefully picked list of some of the best dating sites where you can find billionaires and match up with them before going on those stunning dates. Check out these top 6 best billionaire dating sites that might just do the trick and help you find your billionaire soul mate.


millionaire match

MillionaireMatch is one of the original dating sites for rich men and beautiful women. This website has become a platform that has brought together successful singles for more than 18 years and given them a lot of memorable moments. Even voted as the “Best of the Web” by, this website highlights the “millionaires in its listings” through the Wall Street Journal. Till now, it has managed over 4 million members including lawyers, CEOs, fitness models, pro athletes, investors, doctors, beauty queens, Hollywood celebrities, and more. If you are looking to date a billionaire, MillionaireMatch is certainly the best place for you.

Features of MillionaireMatch:

  • You can browse profiles of the members or perform a basic search to find a suitable partner.
  • You are free to add up to 26 photos and place a lifetime profile.
  • Reply to emails/messages sent by the matches to your inbox.
  • Send “winks” to other members and show your interest in getting to know them.
  • Initiate emails/messages to other members.
  • Check if the sent message is read on site.
  • Search by annual income/saved/advanced/keywords/stat/photo/city.
  • View reverse matches/compatible matches.

The Verdict

There is very little competition for the class and success rate of MillionaireMatch as they are undoubtedly the best place for women to find eligible single men. It claims to be the number 1 luxury dating site as it is very different from other sugar daddy websites. In fact, it aims to build serious relationships for successful singles. In addition, to prove its relevance, it also offers a unique feature termed “Certified Millionaire” where the website verifies the financial status of eligible men by requesting appropriate documentation from them.
On a scale of 1-5, this website is definitely rated 5 out of 5 because it has very little negatives and a lot of positives.


Seeking Billionaire

SeekingBillionaire is one of the largest billionaire dating sites for rich men and beautiful women. It is a sub-brand of MillionaireMatch and it has been providing dating services for more than a decade. The billionaires are just like any ordinary person as even they want to find love. This site is the best place where beautiful women can find billionaires to date and turn it into a serious relationship.

Features of SeekingBillionaire:

  • Find a partner by browsing profiles of members or performing a basic search.
  • Receive and reply to emails by other members.
  • Send free “winks” to the members to show you are interested in knowing them.
  • Get involved with the online community by posting comments on profiles and forums.
  • Who viewed me / is interested in me.
  • Initiate emails/messages to other members.

The Verdict

As SeekingBillionaire is a sub-brand of MillionaireMatch, you should expect nothing but quality. SeekingBillionaire is one of the best billionaire dating sites and it has proven this since its inception for the last 10 years. It gives the members an excellent stage where they can get in touch with eligible singles and develop a strong bond. If you are looking for a credible and authoritative billionaire dating website, SeekingBillionaire should always be one of the first choices.

On a scale of 1-5, this website is rated 4.5 out 5 because it is reliable, easy-to-use, and a sub-branch of MillionaireMatch which in itself is an amazing dating site.



Elite Singles is one of the better dating websites currently especially if you are looking to find success in both love and professional life. This billionaire dating site offers a powerful algorithm where the partners are matched up after a personality test.

A lot of compatible matches have been made on this website as it promotes only those matches that are a cut above the rest. Everyone who is on this website has found professional success as well. While this website has been growing in popularity around the world, it is most popular in the UK region.

Features of EliteSingles:

If you choose to be a member of this dating site, you will have access to a lot of features including the ability to receive and respond to the messages. Additionally, your profile will be shown to others at a much higher rate.

One of the best features of this dating site is its matchmaking ability. Every day you will be receiving approximate 4-5 matches who will be nearby your area. These matches will be compatible with your personality and be exactly what you think of in a desirable mate. Their personality test feature ensures that the matches made are high-quality and suited to your taste.

The data that you share with Elite Singles is 100% safe as the website offers confidentiality while it uses strong encryption policies. They also offer strong anonymity features against those who aren’t members of the website.

The Verdict

This is a choice you cannot go wrong with if you belong to the upper-level professional group who is looking for an equal. Most of the members here have found love, laughter, and a lot of fun. If have had enough of going on pointless dates with bum-like guys, this will be a great website for you where you can meet rich men.

On a scale of 1-5, this website is rated 4 out 5 because no matter what, you will always find compatible matches thanks to their personality tests while they also take special care of your sensitive data.



SugarDaddyMeet is as upfront about its mission as it gets. This dating site sets up rich and successful men who aren’t looking for billionaire girlfriends or lack the time to play games. Here, they can connect with attractive women who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships. Its success stems from the swipe apps that are fairly easy to use and help the members stay connected in real-time. While the initial membership is free, the users can easily subscribe for access to premium services.

Features of SugarDaddyMeet:

The site doesn’t charge you anything extra if you place your profile on the dating site, search for new members, or upload images to enhance the visibility. You’ll be able to add or remove members from your favorites or blacked lists. You can even contribute with suggestions, advice, or comments in the online forums, send/receive emails and messages.

As this dating site has a massive member base, you should check out the new members who register on the site every day. You’ll be able to search the users on the basis of their personal information, username, location, or view their last logged in time.

The Verdict

SugarDaddyMeet is one of the best websites for rich men and attractive women who are looking to indulge in mutually beneficial relationships. Here, you can skim through over 2.5 million eminent members and find the perfect match. The profiles on this platform are clear and concise while the website does ample research and verification to confirm whether the profiles are legitimate or not.

On a scale of 1-5, this website is rated 3.5 out 5 because even though it is highly reliable and perfect in the service it serves, there is very little chance of you finding the love of your life here.



Luxy is a website created exclusively for billionaire men and women that are looking for serious, long-term relationships. Although widely popular as a social dating app on Android and iOS, Luxy is also a reliable and secure dating site where beautiful women can find stunning men and match up with them. It focuses on a small but high-social-level group of people while it attracts the rich and famous from Hollywood celebrities to business CEOs, to even the former owners of NBA basketball teams.

Features of Luxy:

    • Vouch

If you are an outsider who is looking to join the Luxy club, it is possible through a fun and interactive way. The existing members on Luxy have the power to choose to vote In/Out the applicants. In case the applicant gets more than 50% votes within 24 hours, then they can successfully join the website and enjoy the dating services offered by them.

    • Play

Once you have joined the website, you will have a 3-round per day for using the play feature. You just have to swipe on the touch screen. You can swipe towards left if you want to pass on the profile while swiping right will show your interest towards that profile.

    • Moments

Using this feature the users can upload their clicked photos and share the fantastic vacation experiences. The other members will be able to view this information and click the “Link” button in case they are interested. The users will be notified about the people who have shown their liking and admiration. The users can even switch on the real-time positioning and let the nearby users know their whereabouts.

    • Topics

You can post about a hot topic or raise an interesting question that will draw the attention of the participants. At the same time, you can also attract more attention to your profile and this will increase your chances of matching.

The Verdict

Even though it started as a social dating app that was created exclusively for successful, attractive men and women who are looking for long-term relationships, Luxy has become a popular alternative to the usual dating websites as it focuses on a smaller and more dedicated group of members which is a massive positive. Luxy does a great job matching the successful singles with like-minded matches who have similar taste, lifestyle, and social status.

On a scale of 1-5, this website is definitely rated 3 out 5 because even though it is limited in features but the features that it offers are very unique and interesting.


wealthy men

WealthyMen is a dating site that places financial prosperity above everything else. It is dedicated to those men and women who are looking for high-caliber online dating experience. It brings together men whose income is well over $100,000 and beautiful women who are seeking to marry rich men. This website prides itself on introducing a professional, high income, picture verification process to confirm that every profile created on this website is a real deal. Notably, this website is only for rich men dating so the women easily outnumber the men at a ratio of 10:1. The website boasts a huge membership base from Europe, USA, and Canada.

Features of WealthyMen:

  • You get an exciting feature of “Who has viewed me” making it easier to choose if you want to try on them.
  • The “Who wants to meet” feature helps you get to know how interested the other person is in you. This way you can take your relationship to the next stage.
  • You can upload photos and make your profile seem more attractive. It will also help you get more attention from other profiles.
  • The website uses a specialized photo verification system to make sure that only legitimate members create IDs and you don’t get catfished in any situation.

The Verdict

WealthyMen is a brilliant app that features almost everything you would want in a quality dating site. The signup process is fairly easy and straightforward and you can directly start browsing through the profiles from the start. Their extensive verification system ensures that only those who are serious about dating are allowed to make profiles.

On a scale of 1-5, this website is rated 3 out 5 because it is secure and easy to use. However, it doesn’t have that many unique features.