Luxy Reviews 2022

Luxy Reviews 2022

Luxy is a dating site for rich, millionaire singles. Only people who make $500,000 or more a year are allowed to join, even though people may try to join with impure intentions. Luxy has designed an anti-scam system to filter through people and make sure only successful people make it through to their website.

Registration process

Before someone is allowed to create a complete profile, users must have others vouch for them. Existing users must go through and check yes or no to your account and vouch for you so you can use the site. Luxy requires this to keep unwanted users out of their system. The process usually takes about 24 hours and the votes are calculated by dividing the number of positive results by the total number of votes.
While you are waiting for the verification process, you are still allowed to fill out your basic information and upload a maximum of nine photos to your photo album.


Luxy has a free app from the Google Play store and the Apple app store. The app has a simple, clean look for optimal usage. Everything from the desktop website is available on the mobile app as well.

Design & Usage

The website is easy to navigate and has detailed profiles for users to visit. All the information in every profile is available for everyone on the website to see, even free members. The profile information and details can always be changed at a later time.
Luxy has a nice black and gold theme for the website which makes it feel luxurious.

Fees & Memberships

Luxy BLACK membership is a membership that unlocks all the premium features. 1 month is $99.99, 3 months is $79.99 per month, with a total of $239.97 and a 6 month membership is $58.99 per month, with a total of $353.94. Luxy also offers a service called Luxy TUNE where members can pay $12.99 a month to sort matches with verified high-income profiles only. Users can make payments via PayPal.

Free profiles have quite a bit of freedom on Luxy, where they can send roses, view all profiles, view all photo albums, upload photos and send messages to matches. Premium members are allowed to sort matches with more advanced filters such as “Highest Income” or “Verified First”. Premium members can also send other users bouquets of roses and are able to send messages to anyone.

Special Features

  • Skip vouch:
  • Members can skip the vouching process if they purchase the Luxy BLACK membership.

  • Blog:
  • Members can write blog posts and comment on other members.

  • Search by location:
  • Users can search anyone by location.

  • Anonymous visitor:
  • Premium users can use this feature which allows them to view others profiles without that user knowing they looked at their profile.

  • Hide profile:
  • Premium users can use this feature to hide their profile from everyone except those who liked your profile.


  • Free members can access many features
  • Anti-scam feature weeds out fake profiles
  • Free users can view all profiles and photo albums
  • Members can skip vouching process, with paid membership
  • Free mobile app


  • Vouching process may take 24 hours, user cannot use site until then
  • Users can only verify photos on the mobile app


Users can email if they need help with the website. requires users to “vouch” for new users so they can use the site. This helps make sure real, successful people are allowed onto the site. Even though people can bypass this feature if they purchase the Luxy BLACK membership, fake profiles can usually be spotted easily and will be banned fairly quickly.


Luxy is an exclusive dating website for successful singles. It can be a great place for people who make lots of money and are attractive, to meet other like minded individuals. Luxy takes a lot of effort in making sure only successful, real-life people are using their website. With their Anti-Scam Security, they make sure that new users are verified by existing users.

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